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Necrozia Concept Art

Necrozia are fantasy creatures confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt.

Necrozia are a species of elder dragon that lives in the more infamous regions of the ARKs. Necrozia is unlike any other elder dragon, having an elastic body with tentaclies that can be used to both attack prey and feed. Despite it's appearance, it will be docile towards players. The Necrozia's primary diet is blood, capable of inflicting the "Blood Curse" status effect, akin to Crystal Wyverns, but also inflicting it on multiple targets for longer periods of time. If too much blood is taken in at once, the Necrozia enters a "Bloodlust State", becoming aggressive to all non-players, regardless of alliance, and draining the blood of all creatures nearby. When entering this state, a rounded organ sprouts from its chest, which resembles an eye. If shot at, it will decrease the duration of its bloodlust. Necrozia are tamed similarly to the Troodon and Armaedron, where something has to be offered to it. In Necrozia's case, this is unconscious tamed creatures. When presented the offering, and using the "Sorry" emote, the Necrozia will take it and eat it. However, the offerings must be small, as larger creatures could risk the Necrozia entering bloodlust. Bloodlust also consumes hunger rapidly, so Necrozia will be at risk of starving themselves. However, it is also important to mention that Necrozia can only breed during bloodlust state.

The design of the Necrozia was inspired by several aspects of Bloodborne and the Resident Evil series.