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The Nigerien Firespitter is a cryptid dinosaur in Additional Creatures.

Nigerien Firespitter prior to TLC


The Nigerien Firespitter is one of the most obscure cryptids told from back home. Only ever sighted once, the Nigerien Firespitter's tale comes from a report of a single individual who reported an event that happened in the town of Arlit, Niger. Apparently shortly after the happening of a recent earthquake, local uranium miners from a nearby mine were chased into town by an 80 centimeter (2ft) long, four-legged, snakelike, scaled animal. This small creature had a slightly elongated neck, crocodile like head, and apparently was so aggressive when disturbed in the mine it was discovered, it chased the miners all the way back to the town. When local soldiers shot at it, the creature defended itself by breathing flame back at the soldiers until it was slain. Granted the bodily proportions of the reported animal, it was estimated the creature encountered was a baby, and a search was undertaken for the parents, which ended up fruitless. Fast forward to humanity's time on the arks now, and there are tales told by frequent cave-venturing tribes of something that scurries through the arks' depths. Almost like a Rock Drake without feathers, this ground-bound creature matches the description of the Nigerien Firespitter. Those in caves who report the miniscule animals state that despite being seemingly infants, these young creatures are extremely aggressive and very dangerous. Those are Aberrant arks also report sightings of these creatures...and what very well may be adults. These adult creatures are extremely vicious animals with a scorching breath and scalding bite. Although they seem, at a safe glance, to have ideal traits for a mount, these adult animals are far too aggressive and dangerous to bend to one's will, so the story goes. However, it might be possible, somehow, to tame the infant creatures, should someone find a way to calm them into becoming friendly and imprint upon them. Tamed, this fire-breathing, dinosaur-like creature might prove an ideal mount and partner for a survivor skilled, or suicidal enough to claim one.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Underside


Color Region 1 - Outer Eye


Color Region 2 - Dorsal, Arm Scutes


Color Region 3 - Armor Plating


Color Region 4 - Iris


Color Region 5 - Main Body


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 870
Stamina 500
Oxygen 150
Food 3000
Weight 650
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 20000

Left Click - Bite

50 Base Damage - Inflicts the "Second Degree Burn" Status Effect

Right Click - Claw Slash

44 Base Damage - Gathers Metal

C - Flamethrower

22 Base Damage - Hits around 21 Times - Sets targets on fire

X - Roar

Left Control - Burrow

Nigerien Firespitters move faster underground. If hit with explosive, water, raid dinos, or loud sound-based attacks when burrowed, it will be ejected.

Right Click (Burrowed) - Underground Claw Attack

42 Base Damage - Gathers Metal

Shift + Right Click (Burrowed) - Ambushing Claw Attack

55 Base Damage - Gathers Metal - Exits Burrow

C (Burrowed) - Underground Flamethrower

22 Base Damage - Hits around 21 Times - Sets targets on fire

Shift + C (Burrowed) - Ambushing Flamethrower

22 Base Damage - Hits around 21 Times - Sets targets on fire - Exits Burrow

Spacebar - Jump

Nigerien Firespitters can jump out of the ground when burrowed, which is significantly higher than the normal jump.

Nigerien Firespitters are immune to radiation, fire, second-degree burns, and bleeding.

Immature Nigerian Firespitters are not passive like with most babies, and will attack upon being provoked. Be warned that the attacks of younger individuals are the same as older ones.

The Nigerien Firespitter, being armored, only takes about 80% of incoming damage.


  • The Nigerien Firespitter according to the stories had a much more saurian-appearance, being quite similar in anatomy to a quadropedal spinosaur. However, in Additional Creatures, it has a look more akin to a lizard or drake rather than a dinosaur or crocodile.
  • The Nigerien Firespitter is the only creature in Additional Creatures to live in caves.
  • In the mod's canon, the Nigerien Firespitter is related to the Lake Van Monster and Smok saurovindico.
  • The Nigerien Firespitter spawns in the Volcano region of Ragnarok, due to the map not having the adequate caves to properly tame and bring back a Nigerien Firespitter.
  • Nigerien Firespitter has recieved a TLC since its original inclusion into Additional Creatures which, while giving a custom model and animations, also gave it the ability to burrow, with a series of burrowing attacks.