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Ogre Darner Initial Concept

Ogre Darner Concept Art

Ogre Darner Render

The Ogre Darner is a fictional species of invertebrate confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

The Ogre Darner was known of for quite some time before being confirmed to be added to the mod, as it was confirmed to exist in canon a good while before its confirmation. However, it was not initially going to be added to the mod due to its initial role being taken up by the Megatherium. Regardless, the Ogre Darner is now confirmed, and is planned to have a role in taking advantage of bugs. The Ogre Darner, behaviorally, is similar to a Tarantula Hawk Wasp. They are primarily pollinators, but will happily attack and kill insects like arthropleura and pulmonoscorpius. While the Ogre Darner do eat the bugs they kill, the females of the species also use them as hosts for their eggs to feed on. Despite having a 9 meter wingspan, and being aggressive towards insects, towards other forms of life, like humans, they are pretty peaceful. In the game they are planned to be similar in this nature still, with the main example given is them being great for dealing with the insect swarms on Genesis.