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Omnivores are creatures that eat both berries and meat.

List of Omnivores

Name Mod Group Temperament Tameable Rideable Saddle Level
Archaeoindris AC2 Mammal Docile Yes Yes 60
Binturong AC2 Mammal Docile Yes No N / A
Deinocheirus AC2 Dinosaur Territorial Yes Yes 92
Deltadromeus AC2 Dinosaur Docile Yes Yes 25
Emela Ntouka ACP Dinosaur Elusive Yes Yes 90
Red Panda AC2 Mammal Passive Yes No N / A
Segnosaurus AC2 Dinosaur Docile Yes Yes 45
Susecdurus ACKu Fantasy Docile Yes Yes 80
Torosaurus AC2 Dinosaur Docile Yes Yes 40
Yeti ACP Mammal Elusive Yes Yes N / A