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Onchopristis Reconstruction
Onchopristis Model
Onchopristis Size compared to Additional Creatures Sharks (left to right: Megalodon, Great White Shark, Onchopristis, Tiger Shark, Great Hammerhead Shark, the 2 Bull Shark forms, Broadtooth Mako Shark)

Onchopristis are fish confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Endemics.

Onchopristis, meaning "Giant Saw", is a species of cartilaginous fish that lived in what is now North America, Europe, and North Africa during the Late Cretaceous, 95 million years ago. Onchopristis historically has been known as a very early species of sawfish, living in both freshwater and saltwater, most famously known to coexist with and be fed upon by Spinosaurus. However, it is now known that Onchopristis is not a sawfish, as sawfish themselves would not evolve until the Cenozoic. Instead, Onchopristis is a sawskate, which were a group closer related to skates than rays that evolved a very similar rostrum, likely for similar purposes. This is the third instance discovered of a cartilaginous fish that has independently evolved this structure (the others being sawsharks and sawfish). While typically depicted as giants, up to 8 meters long, it is believed with new evidence that they only got to about half that length. Sawskates themselves became extinct 66 million years ago, with the great Cretaceous-Palaeocene extinction event.

Onchopristis has had a long and complicated history in Additional Creatures. It was initially not planned to be added, since the idea of creating a model and having a bottom-dwelling mechanic seemed out of reach for the time, but its existence was still canon to the lore of the mod. However, later on a solution was discovered and the mechanic was first implemented on Tylosaurus. It was thus confirmed to be added at a later date. However, after being scrapped temporarily due to a bug with the bottom-dwelling mechanic, it became scrapped entirely due to the scope of content additions shrinking. Despite this, it was confirmed again, this time for Additional Creatures: Endemics, where it has been released in the beta version. Onchopristis is easily the largest species currently in Endemics, being its only ridable species so far. It is docile, feeding on small, bottom-dwelling animals like trilobites. It's role is as an extremely generalistic and useful gatherer, having boosted affinities to gathering silk, pearls, thatch, mushrooms, fiber, and polymer. It's immune to electrocution and the rage scent of ammonites. Its snout attack pierces armor and has a forage move that gathers pearls. It is a lethargic creature, having the 'underwater flight' mechanic akin to Tylosaurus.

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