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Ouranosaurus Reconstruction (with Suchomimus in background)

Ouranosaurus Model

Ouranosaurus is a dinosaur confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Ouranosaurus, meaning "Brave Lizard", is a species of iguanodont that lived in Niger during the Early Cretaceous, 115 million years ago. Ouranosaurus is most known for the heightened spines on the front end of its back. What they formed, whether sail or hump, is a mystery, but it's known that they appeared only during maturity, and juveniles lacked the structure. At 6 meters long and 800 kg, ouranosaurus was rather modest for it's environment, living among the sauropod Nigersaurus, fellow iguanodont lurdusaurus, and predators such as Kryptops, Suchomimus, and Sarcosuchus.

Nothing is really known about Ouranosaurus at this time in Additional Creatures, outside of it having a model.