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Partridge Creek Beasts are cryptid dinosaurs in Additional Creatures.


The Partridge Creek Beast was a very rarely seen cryptid from the cold north of Canada's Yukon. Sighted to be a 12 meter, ceratosaurus-like predator covered in either fur or feathers. While its safe to assume its a genetically altered ceratosaur or juvenile yutyrannus, survivors are swearing that what's hunting the mammals of the north is completely different. Its an aggressive predator that uses its size to ward off smaller foes and run down targets, while also using a fierce set of horns to gore its victims. If such a theropod did exist, it would likely be a powerful mount for exploring the frozen wastes of the tundra.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Scales

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Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 666
Stamina 500
Oxygen 150
Food 3450
Weight 380
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 2019

Left Click - Bite

45 Base Damage

Right Click - Horn Attack

40 Base Damage - Inflicts Bleed - Slight Cooldown - Cannot Be Used While Moving

C - Roar

Drains 200 Torpor (w/ 1 Minute Cooldown)

X - Frighten Roar

Inflicts Frighten - Cannot Be Used While Moving

Partridge Creek Beasts are immune to freeze.

Pelt only weighs 5% of what it normally would in the inventory of a Partridge Creek Beast.

The Partridge Creek Beast gives an insulation buff to its rider.


  • The Partridge Creek Beast was originally sighted in Partridge Creek, Yukon Canada, apparently dragging away a caribou it killed. The originally sighting ruined the reputation of those who claimed to have seen the creature.
  • The Partridge Creek Beast in the mod was originally planned to have spite towards mammals, in a similar way Smok saurovindico does with dinosaurs. This role, however, was given to the Emela Ntouka instead.