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Pentaceratops is a dinosaur in Additional Creatures.


Pentaceratops is a massive ceratopsid, with an equally massive skull and frill. A denizen to the wastelands of Extinction, Pentaceratops makes its home in the hostile wastelands of earth where it comes into constant contact with corrupted. However, this also means it comes into contact with copious amounts of raw element. Like other animals, element began to influence its evolution...similar to creatures like Velonasaur and Managarmr, and it ended up as corruption's worst nightmare. A valliant and courageous dinosaur, Pentaceratops has evolved specifically to combat and kill corrupted animals with ease. Its horns have evolved into bladelike shapes similar to tek swords, and its massive frill is equivalent to a biological tek shield. If this wasn't enough, the Pentaceratops's attacks, composed of purified element, have an extremely increased effect against corrupted dinosaurs, as the element causes wounds to amplify in damage. As such one would expect these colossal dinosaurs to be the pinnacle dinosaur for fighting corrupted on extinction, they indeed are...however they are nowhere near a friendly herbivore. Their extremely hostile environment causes Pentaceratops to be extremely untrusting of anything near it. They charge survivors and their tames from a distance, their element-powered strength allowing them to flatten all who provoke their ire. This same spiteful and untrusting temperament also means that Pentaceratops will NEVER take food from somebody that renders them unconscious, taking it as an assault and marring that person an enemy for life. Naturally, as such, Pentaceratops is untameable...if only there were a passive ranged taming option, or a creature that could placate Pentaceratops...

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Legs, Underside


Color Region 1 - Head, Main Body, Feet, Lights

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Color Region 2 - Pattern


Color Region 4 - Lateral Undertone


Color Region 5 - Underside Undertone

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Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 2560
Stamina 600
Oxygen 200
Food 4400
Weight 800
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 7820

Left Click - Horn Swing

75 Base Damage - Damages All Structures

Right Click - Elemental Stomp

140 Base Damage - Cannot Be Used While Moving

C - Taunt

Cannot Be Used While Moving

X - Forage

15 Base Damage - Gathers Berries

All of the Pentaceratops's attacks deal 4x damage to corrupted creatures.

Pentaceratops are armored, only taking 70% damage under standard circumstances.

Pentaceratops are heavily resisted to elementally-influenced creatures, only taking half damage from tek, elemental, and corrupted creatures.

Pentaceratops are immune to bleed, sulfur burn, and radiation.

Pentaceratops has a special insulation buff, which, while only about half as effective as a standard insulation buff, makes the rider immune to the wasteland debuff.

Pentaceratops can only be approached by calming it with a Red Panda. Only then will one be given an option to passive tame it.


  • Pentaceratops means "Five-Horned Face", with gaiavindico meaning "Earth Crusading".
  • The design of the horns and frill of the Pentaceratops were inspired by the tek sword and tek shield respectively.
  • Pentaceratops had among one of the largest heads to body size of any dinosaur, with the head alone making up to a third of its body size.