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Piraiba Catfish are fish in Additional Creatures.


A large catfish that favors warmer freshwater on the arks. A jungle predator, the Piraiba is unique from other catfish such as the Wells or Goonch. It doesnt live a sedimentary lifestyle on the bottom. Rather, much like a shark, the Piraiba (also called Lau-Lau) actively patrols the open water column and is a dangerous pursuit predator. Like many large fish, the opening of its massive mouth creates a vaccum effect that it uses to grab prey. However, the Piraiba has a much more terrifying tactic it has evolved on the arks. It is capable of inhaling massive amounts of water and funneling them through its gills, creating a vortex effect to grab and pull in distant targets. It cannot do this while moving quickly however, as the process seems to require all its energy and concentration. Once in the predator's mouth, prey is grabbed by sandpaper-like gripper pads which are used to abrasively scrape away at the skin and cause bleeding as the fish thrashes its prey in its mouth. if needed, prey can be sput out forcibly for large amounts of blunt force trauma damage. Naturally, there is desire for Piraiba over Goonch for its more aggressive lifestyle. It is faster, and although it has less health, it can run for longer and its bites and aggressive predatory style has severe advantages in combat. Combined with immunities to venoms, Piraiba is a viable mount option for the riverways- and ocean if one can bring it to the sea. However, Piraiba seems resistant to narcotic-inducing ammunition. It would likely not be possible to domesticate Piraiba unless eagle-eyed survivors didn't notice how much wild Piraiba actively avoid Beelzebufo, despite their gluttonous tendencies. If a Beelzebufo is grabbed by a Piraiba, the frog's narcotic slime begins to quickly take effect. The fish however notices this, and will begin to thrash violently in in attempt to kill or dislodge its harmful meal!

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Main Body

Piraiba 0.png

Color Region 2 - Spots

Piraiba 2.png

Color Region 5 - Eyespot, Fins

Piraiba 5.png

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 500
Stamina 300
Food 1150
Weight 500
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 1000

Left Click - Bite

45 Base Damage - Gathers Organic Polymer - Instantly Kills Small Fish

Right Click - Lunge Attack

45 Base Damage - Grips onto smaller creatures and inflicts constant 35 base damage ticks until death or release - Gripping attacks inflict bleed

C - Succ

5 Base Damage - Grips onto smaller creatures and inflicts constant 35 base damage ticks until death or release - Gripping attacks inflict bleed

C (While gripping a creature) - Release

100 Base Damage - Inflicts Stun

Piraiba Catfish are immune to venom.

Piraiba Catfish have a unique method of knockout taming. The catfish is immune to typical tranquilizers, so knocking it out requires a different strategy, in which the process is as follows:

  • Acquire a beezlebufo who is preferable on passive and has extremely high health.
  • Get the piraiba catfish of your choice to grip onto the beezlebufo
  • The catfish will enter a panic state, in which each tick inflicts 60 base damage instead of the typical 35. As this attack occurs, the catfish's torpor raises at a rate of 150/s and stamina lowers at a rate of 10/s. This will occur until the catfish is knocked out or the beezlebufo is dead.


  • At 3 meters long and 150 kg, the Piraiba Catfish is one of the largest fish in the Amazon and the largest of the Amazonian catfish species.
  • The Piraiba Catfish can be considered to be a counterpart to the Goonch Catfish, being aggressive instead of docile and prefering warm water over cool water. It also has bleed instead of venom.