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Plateosaurus are dinosaurs in Additional Creatures.


A Prosauropod, Plateosaurus is a strange-looking, strange-sounding relative of the much larger sauropods such as brontosaurus. Plateosaurus is a mild-mannered, lethargic herbivore which spends most of its day foraging for food- because it's a very picky eater. Plateosaurus seems to only eat the island's Narcoberries and similar fruits. When looking at its biology, this becomes clear. Narcotic paste is known for its medicinal effects, and Plateosaurus ingests these berries, grinding them into a paste-like mush nearly identical to the narcotic paste made by survivors. Plateosaurus seems to feed off this paste itself rather than the berries, and this actually grants plateosaurus extreme health benefits. Plateosaurus heals from wounds remarkably fast when ingesting this paste, making it a sought-after mount for early survivors. With its ability to easily harvest and transmog narcoberries, its combat prowress is also phenomenal for its size. Although its damage is mediocre, the sheer rate at which it can heal itself by ingesting narcotic paste makes it invaluable in fighting, making it far tankier than it appears!

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Main Body

346110 screenshots 20200108172901 1.jpg

Color Region 4 - Head, Pattern

346110 screenshots 20200108172914 1.jpg

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 520
Stamina 330
Oxygen 150
Food 3300
Weight 430
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Crafting Skill 100%
Torpidity 2400

Left Click - Bite

31 Base Damage - Gathers Berries - Has a 5x gather rate on Narcoberries

Right Click - Roar

Plateosaurus only eat narcotics, narcoberries, bioxotin, and pet food kibble.

Plateosaurus only tame on the following items, from most effective to least effective:

  • Biotoxin
  • Narcotic
  • Narcoberry
  • Sweet Vegetable Cake

Plateosaurus heal very rapidly when consuming narcotics.

Plateosaurus passively produce narcotics in their inventory, using up 5 narcoberries to produce a narcotic.

The speed at which Plateosaurus produces narcotics is dependent on the crafting skill stat.


  • Plateosaurus means "Broad Lizard".
  • Plateosaurus are one of the Triassic's most well known dinosaurs, being found from dozens of specimens widespread across Europe, from Portugal to Norway.
  • Plateosaurus is notable for its extremely high size variation in adults, from 5 to 11 meters in length.
  • The abnormally bright coloration of Plateosaurus is because, lore-wise, their diet causes their meat to become narcotic. The bright coloration is to warn predators of their toxicity.
  • The Plateosaurus was originally planned to have a narcotic mouth spray that would knock out creatures, but this was decided against due to base ARK's unreliability of torpor-oriented creatures.
  • The sounds of Plateosaurus are unused moschops sounds.