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Puretotokage is a fantasy creature in Additional Creatures.


Mid-Sized brute wyverns, Puretotokage is a gentle giant of an oddball. Despite all appearances, it is passive unless provoked: preferring to eat a diet of minerals found in its local environments. It is capable of surprising movement, despite its size and relatively slow running speed. It is capable of suddenly rolling into a wheel to travel quickly and safely across terrain, while also giving it increased agility. However, its strangely shaped, muscular tail also grants Puretotokage the ability to stand up on it, using it as an advantage point and intimidation tactic, hopping around in this state. As a geovore, its diet materializes twofold. One: its scales are metallic in nature, with the minerals having fortified its carapace to be a form of natural metal. This grants it sturdy physical defense. The second, or more curious feature, comes from the biproduct of digesting these ores. The bodily processes end up creating volatile fumes and gases, which Puretotokage uses actively via holes in its feet. By emitting this gas, combined with its own anatomy, this causes the gas to ignite violently. Pure can utilize this to deliver rapid, flaming kicks; or, more devastatingly, explosive stomps. This adaptation alone grants it far more strength than creatures larger than it, giving it ample protection in a dangerous environment to live a peaceful life. Survivors or Hunters wishing to domesticate puretotokage have two options. To either tame the stubborn beast passively with kibble, or to wrangle it unconscious. However, its armor and natural caustic fumes prevent it from falling to narcotic tranquilizers. Sharp-minded survivors however have been able to find that it can be rendered unconscious via concussive force to the head. When tamed, there's hardly something Puretotokage doesn't excel in. It's an extremely agile mount, a very capable and durable fighter, an incredible harvester, and a devastating siege engine. All of these combined make this odd, but amiable creature a sure-fire and wanted tame for any: regardless of how frustrating they can be, at times!

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Eyes


Color Region 1 - Armor Pattern 1


Color Region 2 - Lower Jaw, Throat


Color Region 3 - Armor Pattern 2


Color Region 5 - Eye Ring, Scales


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 850
Stamina 400
Oxygen 150
Food 3000
Weight 1200
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 1800

Left Click - Bite

45 Base Damage - Gathers Meat

Right Click - Roll

As the puretotokage rolls, colliding with creatures gets them damaged and rocks/trees are destroyed.

Spacebar (Roll) - Jump

C - Tail Stance

In this stance, the Puretotokage has a completely different moveset, can pivot in place, and largely cannot move.

Left Click (Tail Stance) - Kick Mode

The Puretotokage enters "kick mode", which has its own attacks.

Left Click (Tail Stance - Kick Mode) - Left Flaming Kick

27 Base Damage - Sets Fire to Targets

Right Click (Tail Stance - Kick Mode) - Right Flaming Kick

27 Base Damage - Sets Fire to Targets

Middle Mouse Button (Tail Stance) - Dropkick

100 Base Damage - 60 Base Damage and Hits 3 Times when it collides with a large target - Sets Fire to Large Targets - Exits tail stance after use

Spacebar (Tail Stance - Kick Mode) - Exit Kick Mode

Spacebar (Tail Stance) - Jump

All Tail Stance attacks (except dropkick) damage all structures, but deal reduced structure damage.

X - Explosive Stomp

36 Base Damage - Sets Targets on Fire - Damages All Structures - Deals Reduced Damage to Structures - Cannot Be Used While Moving

Alt + X - Explosive Stompfest

57 Base Damage - Hits 4 Times - Sets Targets on Fire - Damages All Structures - Deals Reduced Damage to Structures - High Cooldown - Cannot Be Used While Moving

Left Control - Tail Slam

50 Base Damage - High Knockback - Gathers Wood, Stone, and Metal - Cannot Be Used While Moving

W + Q - Punches

50 Base Damage per punch - Gathers Wood, Stone, and Metal

O - Roar

Cannot Be Used While Moving

Puretotokage is armored, only taking 70% of incoming damage.

Puretotokage is immune to knockback, bleed, fire attacks, magmasaur projectiles, and lava.

Puretotokage takes 2x damage from explosives.

Puretotokage reduce the weight of mineral resources in their inventory.

Knockout taming a Puretotokage requires damaging it on the head with explosives, akin to a Rock Elemental.

Puretotokage are geovores with unique taming preferences, which are the following (from most to least effective):

  • Superior Kibble (Knockout / Passive)
  • Crystal (Knockout / Passive)
  • Sparkpowder / Sulfur (Knockout)
  • Stone (Knockout)


  • Puretotokage is part of the Brute Wyvern class.
  • Puretotokage is Additional Creature's first, and so far only, geovore.
  • The quote "All of these combined make this odd, but amiable creature a sure-fire and wanted tame for any: regardless of how frustrating they can be, at times!" at the end of it's synopsis is a reference to it's development, which was filled with problems.
  • Puretotokage sometimes glitches and begins to float after a roll. This can be resolved through remounting or rolling again, but the results are inconsistent.