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Purussaurus Reconstruction

Purussaurus Dossier with outdated design

Purussaurus original model in the original Additional Creatures mod

Purussaurus remodel in the original Additional Creatures

Purussaurus in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK

Purussaurus is a reptile confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Purussaurus, meaning “Purus Lizard” after the Purus River in Peru where it was found, is a giant caiman that lived in the Miocene, 10 million years ago. Purussaurus is one of the largest crocodilians to exist, being 10 meters long and 6 tons, only beaten by Deinosuchus in size. It was the top predator in its environment, coexisting and hunting large mammals, along with living alongside fish like Megapiranha.

Purussaurus has had a long history in Additional Creatures. Purussaurus leviathan was added in the original Additional Creatures mod as an elusive oceanic leviathan, being the top predator of the oceans, where it would prey on anything that moves, including mosasaurus and tusoteuthis. It had high base stats, and the ability to grab and drag away creatures up to the size of Tyrannosaurus. While it did receive a remodel partly through the mod’s lifespan, it was eventually removed with the death of the mod itself. However, it received a TLC later in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK, where it changed in a few key ways. It became much more powerful, armored (only weak to epxlosives), and extremely large, matching mosasaurus in length. There was a catch, however, as it needed to be fed Apex Egg Kibble to tame. It also received nerfs after its addition, such as removing the grab ability (replacing it with a lunge that caused bleed), and caused it to slowly suffocate when on land. It was eventually removed again due to numerous bugs and visual issues (floating above the saddle and the lunge being very buggy to execute), but is planned to receive another TLC in the future.