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North Atlantic Right Whale

Right Whale Model

Right Whales are mammals confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Aquaria.

Right Whales are three species of whales in the genus Eubalaena. These three species are the North Atlantic, North Pacific, and Southern Right Whales, living in each of their respective regions of the ocean. How Right Whales got their name is a mystery, with the two leading theories being that right whales were considered the 'typical whale' in older times, or that it was the 'right' whale to hunt during the era of whaling, since they showed less fear of humans and floated on death. Right Whales can be easily identified by the callosities on their heads, which are white from sea lice. These are believed to function as defense against predators, particularly orcas (although Great White Sharks are known to rarely prey on juveniles), causing injury if they were to collide or be rammed by its head. They feed on microorganisms like other baleen whales. Being heavily persecuted during the days of whaling, Southern Right Whales have since recovered, but the two Northern species are still endangered and under threat due to other factors. The major ocean traffic and activity in the Northern oceans has lead to deaths through ship collisions and net entanglement. The latter is considered a serious threat to the North Atlantic Right Whale's survival in particular, as energy expenditure due to carrying tangled fishing gear has resulted in the species getting smaller over time.

It is unknown how Right Whales will be in Additional Creatures. It is known, however, what its model looks like, with it being confirmed to likely need animation and model tweaks.