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Shadowlord Dromaeosaurus is a boss creature confirmed to be coming to Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

The concept of Shadowlord Dromaeosaurus sparked from Shadowlord Deinonychus: the now-removed sole boss of the original mod, who had a horde of Deinonychus for support. Regardless, the Shadowlord Dromaeosaurus is planned to be added to the mod under the same general idea, but taken further. The Dromaeosaurus was the first hybrid confirmed for Additional Creatures, being Project Alpha: Shadowlord. The primary genome of the Shadowlord Dromaeosaurus consists of mostly Dromaeosaurus for the base, intellect, and packing behavior, hence it still bearing the name and most of the same characteristics. The Primary Genome also consists of Orca DNA, for sociability and intelligence, and Tusoteuthus DNA for further intelligence and growth rate as well. The supplementary portion of the genome consists of Giant Squid, False Killer Whale, Achillobator, and Yutyrannus DNA to further emphasize the desired traits. In terms of gameplay, it will likely be pretty similar to Shadowlord Deinonychus, as the survivor notes and dossier state that it has a pack dynamic with Dromaeosaurus. It is said to be similar to Carnotaurus in size, which is a stark contrast to its much smaller non-hybrid akin. It also, surprisingly enough, is said to be a pretty good swimmer, which is likely due to the amount of aquatic fauna in its dna. While the elements of taming such a beast are not entirely understood, it is believed that killing the animal in the wild will grant the user materials to get one of their own.