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Shantungosaurus are dinosaurs in Additional Creatures.

Synopsis a pain, a dinosaur many survivors would rather not exist. It's the only herbivore so aggressive it will attack survivors and carnivores on sight at a distance. As a matter of fact, its aggression is so immense and profound, not also does it beat out that of Therizinosaurus; but survivors have used quite vulgar names for this dinosaur in regards to its aggression levels. Furthermore, normally peaceful herbivores seem to follow Shantungosaurus's instruction, becoming violent and rushing into battle alongside Shantungosaurus the second it begins an attack. This leaves Shantungosaurus a dinosaur few people enjoy encountering. If tamed, however, Shantung is an extremely powerful and worthwhile mount. It is an excellent traveling creature with its versatility, and is considerably strong for an herbivore. Furthermore while it has an absolute hatred for carnivores and

humans when wild, shantung does an unsettlingly sharp 180 in temperament when tamed. It is so supportive of certain allies, its presence alone strengthens them to fight even harder!

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Body

346110 screenshots 20181019210442 1.jpg

Color Region 4 - Spine Spots

346110 screenshots 20181019210755 1.jpg

Color Region 5 - Underside and Speckles

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Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 1100
Stamina 1400
Oxygen 150
Food 6500
Weight 1000
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 2000

Left Click - Bite

53 Base Damage - Gathers Berries and Fiber - Puts user in upright stance

Right Click - Stance Change

The Shantungosaurus can change stances for different perks. The upright stance allows for higher speed and agility at the cost of stamina while the quadropedal stance is more slow but provides unlimited stamina.

C - Roar

X - Stomp

70 Base Damage - Cannot Be Used While Moving

The Shantungosaurus gains a rivalry buff when close to other apex predators like Tyrannosaurus. It boosts resistance by 15% and damage by 25%.

The Shantungosaurus is immune to radiation.

Whenever the Shantungosaurus is aggroed, most herbivores around it become aggroed onto the same target.

The Shantungosaurus has an AoE buff known as "Shantung Encouragement" which essentially provides a morale boost to the following allied creatures, increasing their resistance and damage by 30%.


  • Shantungosaurus means "Shandong Lizard", being named after the Shandong Peninsula in China where it was found.
  • The Shantungosaurus is the largest of all ornithopod dinosaurs, able to get up to a whooping 15 meters long.
  • The Shantungosaurus in the mod is inspired by the Shantungosaurus in the Isle, where it is known to be used by "cancerous" players to protect smaller and weaker herbivores, and generally being abused to chase down and kill practically anyone.
  • The calls of Shantungosaurus originate from the Edmontosaurus in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis.
  • The Shantungosaurus's rivalry buff occasionally stops working. It can be reactivated upon stomping.