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Shonisaurus are reptiles in Additional Creatures.


Arguably the largest creature in the ocean, Shonisaurus is a massive gentle giant. Though most commonly found alone, they will on rare occasion travel in groups. Their sheer massive bulk makes them lack only the most vicious of predators- and when attacked, they are no push over. Though their jaws are nowhere near as strong as other apex creatures, they can use their size to their advantage. They're fully capable of thrashing and swinging their tail about to damage attackers from the rear, and their sheer bulk lets them shrug off and ignore large amounts of damage. Furthermore, Shonisaurus has evolved the ability to echolocate like whales, using it to hunt in the deep sea. Like the large whales back home, they are LOUD- and that's useful. They're capable of bellowing and scaring away smaller targets in a panic, and their echolocation lets them and their rider navigate the deep ocean with ease. Furthermore when they echolocate they tend to be quite loud- which although it can take some getting used to, actually proves beneficial. Echolocating Shonisaurus are loud enough to keep creatures awake or wake them up, useful for staving off tranquilization or waking up creatures if needed. Tamed, they are excellent ocean mounts, albeit, very slow, and cumbersome...

Color Regions

Shonisaurus lack color regions, so they all look like the individuals below.

Male -


Female -

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Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 4800
Stamina 500
Food 9200
Weight 2000
Melee Damage 185%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpdity 6200

Left Click - Bite

50 Base Damage - Harvest Fish Meat - Deals 2.5x Damage to Tusoteuthis

Right Click - Roar

60 Base Damage - Inflicts Panic

C - Tail Swing

125 Base Damage - Hits Twice

X - Echolocation On

Infrared Vision - Rapidly Drops Torpor of Anything Nearby

Left Control - Echolocation Off

Shonisaurus gives an insulation buff to its rider.

Shonisaurus is immune to Tusoteuthis Ink.

Shonisaurus is so bulky that it only takes 80% of incoming damage.


  • Shonisaurus means "Shoshone Lizard" after the Shoshone Mountains.
  • At 20m in length, Shonisaurus in life is the largest marine reptiles known to ever exist.
  • Shonisaurus in the mod are sexually dimorphic, with males being gray with an intricate spotted pattern while females are jet black with white stripes.
  • While many marine species in Additional Creatures can echolocate, it is the signature ability of Shonisaurus, which was the first receive such an ability.