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Sillosuchus Reconstruction

Sillosuchus Concept Art

Sillosuchus is a reptile confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Kami Creations

Sillosuchus, meaning "Sill Crocodile" after the name of its discoverer, is a large bipedal reptile that lived in Argentina during the Late Triassic, 230 million years ago. Sillosuchus is a shuvosaur, a family of crocodile-like reptiles that are notable for having oddly dinosaur-like characteristics. Another Shuvosaur, Effigia, is particularly notable because of these similarities. While the initial specimen recovered in 1997 was 3 meters long, further findings afterword showed that Sillosuchus was capable of growing to massive sizes, up to 9 meters in length. This makes Sillosuchus one of the largest terrestrial crocodile-like reptiles, even larger than the top predator of its ecosystem: Saurosuchus. It is unknown exactly what Sillosuchus ate, as Shuvosaurs in general are pretty unique anatomically, and the fact that they have a beak and lack teeth leaves it ambiguous.

Sillosuchus in Additional Creatures will be a herbivore that focuses on aerial denial. Its combat style will apparently focus more on it using its bulk than jaws or claws.