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Sinotyrannus is a species of dinosaur in Additional Creatures.


One of the largest and more uncommon predators of Jungles, Sinotyrannus is a dangerous ambush predator. While exotic in appearance, this deadly predator is a cunning stealth hunter, utilizing venomous barbs along its tail. While the tail can be swung at targets in a similar manner as Chungkingosaurus, Sinotyrannus can also fling its spines at targets in a manner to Thorny Dragon for precise injections at a distance of its unique, potent venom. While this can be highly accurate, sometimes the Predator can pull out a more lethal method of defense. When threatened or outnumbered, Sinotyrannus can slam its tail on the ground to unleash an incredible flurry of spines to cover a wide area, invenomating many targets at once and inflicting great damage in the process. Due to this, Sinotyrannus makes a valuable ranged mount, but its ammo is limited, similar to Amargasaurus. If it does not have the spines it needs to continue flinging its thorns at its targets, it wont be able to utilize its venom effectively.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Main Body


Color Region 1 - Feathers


Color Region 2 - Crest


Color Region 3 - Pattern


Color Region 4 - Spikes


Color Region 5 - Underside


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 475
Stamina 300
Oxygen 150
Food 3000
Weight 450
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 1000

Left Click - Bite

40 Base Damage

Right Click - Claw Swipes

30 Base Damage - Hits Twice - Knockback - Cannot Be Used While Moving

C - Tail Spin

40 Base Damage - Inflicts Sinotyrannus Venom - Knockback - Cannot Be Used While Moving

X - Thorn Shot

25 Base Damage - Hits 5 Times - Inflicts Sinotyrannus Venom - Requires 5 Sinotyrannus Thorns to use and consumes them - Cooldown - Cannot Be Used While Moving

Alt + X - Ultimate Thorn Shot

13 Base Damage - Hits 30 Times - Inflicts Sinotyrannus Venom - Requires 30 Sinotyrannus Thorns to use and consumes them - Cooldown - Cannot Be Used While Moving

Left Control - Roar

R - Sit

The Deltadromeus can also generally be told to sit. This slightly increases healing rate.

Sinotyrannus passively produces Sinotyrannus Thorns in its inventory.

Sinotyrannus is immune to venom.


  • Sinotyrannus means "Chinese Tyrant". This is due to how it lived in China during the Early Cretaceous, 120 million years ago.
  • Sinotyrannus is one of the largest members of the proceratosaurs, a very basal group of tyrannosauroid dinosaurs. It is very closely related to the Yutyrannus, which it is very similar in size and appearance to.
  • It's debated as to whether Sinotyrannus had a crest, akin to most proceratosaurs, or had a nose more akin to its close relative: Yutyrannus.