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Skorpiovenator is a species of dinosaur in Additional Creatures.

Skorpiovenator prior to TLC


A species of Abelisaur, Skorpiovenator is slightly larger than Carnotaurus and despite being a slightly more powerful predator, is much more placid. It appears this dinosaur has adapted to its namesake, being a fellow bug-crusading-hater like Megatherium, with Skorpiovenator flying into a berserk state when in the presence of insects. While they rage both the same, they function differently in their rage, with Megatherium hitting harder and taking more blows like a juggernaut, and Skorpiovenator flying into a rapid frenzy of attacking. Skorpiovenator parallels well with Megatherium, being far more agile and having a much faster attack speed. Furthermore unlike Megatherium which simply slurps out the interior bits from its kill, Skorpiovenator can actually digest keratin and chitin, turning its remains into an easy-to-excrete paste that is extremely similar to Cementing Paste. Tamed, it makes an excellent bug-raiding partner with Megatherium, both having their drawbacks and advantages: with Megatherium being a tanky heavy hitter and Skorpiovenator being a more lightweight berserker of a glass cannon.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Body 1


Color Region 1 - Crests, Dewlap


Color Region 2 - Body 2


Color Region 3 - Pattern


Color Region 4 - Throat


Color Region 5 - Body 3


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 400
Stamina 500
Oxygen 150
Food 2300
Weight 400
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100
Torpidity 6200

Left Click - Bite

42 Base Damage

Deals 2x Damage to the following:

  • Giant Crab
  • Jaekelopterus
  • Broodmother lysrix

Right Click - Tail Whip

20 Base Damage - Cannot Be Used While Moving

C - Roar

X - Bellow

Cannot Be Used While Moving

R - Sit

Automatically dismounts. The Skorpiovenator can also generally be told to sit. This slightly increases healing rate and increases speed of cementing paste production by 3x.

Spacebar - Jump

Skorpiovenator, once they have killed a bug, end up "going berserk", where it gets a 2.5x damage and 20% defense buff. Be warned that the normally docile wild individuals that enter this state will begin to attack literally anything they come across.

The Skorpiovenator is immune to venom.

Skorpiovenators automatically convert chitin and keratin in their inventory into cementing paste.

Chitin, Keratin, and Cementing Paste weigh only 40% of what they would normally in a Skorpiovenator's inventory.


  • Skorpiovenator means "Scorpion Hunter". The mod decided to take this literally and make it the animal's role.
  • Skorpiovenator coexisted alongside giant dinosaurs such as Argentinosaurus and Mapusaurus.
  • Skorpiovenator has recieved a TLC since its original addition into Additional Creatures, which consisted of a new model and animations, along with the addition of a new tail attack and having a saddle. The design became more reminiscent of the actual animal rather than like a carnotaurus, but lost their sexual dimorphism in the process.