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Smok saurovindico is a species of reptile in Additional Creatures.

Warning: Smok saurovindico is currently undergoing a TLC, and as a result, all of them in the world are currently in a vegetative state where they are completely unusable. We are sorry for the inconvenience. This will be resolved in a future patch when the TLC is complete.



While its ancestor was a dubious mystery, the specimen on the ARK network is too much of a feared reality. Smok saurovindico, the lizard usurping dragon, is a species of theropod-like reptile from the Triassic period. From what little I can identify at a glance, this is definitely the same species as the unknown animal from prehistory. However, Smok on the ARK network is an all-too-well-known living nightmare. Constantly in an angry or enraged state, Smok is a peerless predator with a very select choice in prey – dinosaurs.

For some bloody reason, Smok has its fury – filled sights on any member of dinosauria. It attacks any sort of dinosaur with unparalleled ferocity and completely obliterates them. It doesn’t matter what the poor creature its targeted is. It’s fully capable of lifting & flipping an adult rex over itself, and I’ve even seen them snap the necks of Giganotosaurus without much hassle. If it’s a dinosaur, Smok wants to obliterate it from the face of the Earth. Why? I don’t think any of us have a right to question that.


With its power and fury, Smok is capable of delivering crushing slams with its jaws so brutal, they instantly kill most smaller-sized creatures in an instant, regardless of armor or health leveling, crushing them with its sheer size and fury. All of this combined, many seek out Smok’s power….and fail trying to tame it.

With all this power, Smok would seem like a one-sided ticket to victory. However….in reality, Smok is actually physically weaker than a rex. It’s the creature’s sheer rage & fury for dinosaurs that gives it such profound attacking strength. Any competent survivor facing a Smok would not send in the usual rex, but rather a battle-trained group of mammals or reptiles; anything that’s not a dinosaur. This alone makes Smok much easier to deal with.

However, anybody who obtains a Smok has little to fear from any of an ARK’s dinosaurian residents!

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Lateral Body

346110 screenshots 20181020084222 1.jpg

Color Region 4 - Dorsal

346110 screenshots 20181020084433 1.jpg

Color Region 5 - Underside

346110 screenshots 20181020084653 1.jpg

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 1920
Stamina 320
Oxygen 150
Food 3795
Weight 620
Melee Damage 100%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 3200

Left Click - Bite

58 Base Damage

Right Click - Claw Slash

45 Base Damage - Hits Twice - Shreds and Ignores Armor

C - Head Smash

185 Base Damage - Cannot be used while moving - Instantly kills anything smaller or equal to carno in size class - Inflicts the "Crushed" Status - Has a 3 minute cooldown - Can be toggled on tamed individuals

X - Roar

Drains 750 Torpor (w/ 1 Minute Cooldown)

Left Control - Shriek

Cannot be used while moving

Unmounted Move - Intimidating Roar

20 Base Damage - Hits 3 Times - Inflicts the Intimidation Debuff - Can be toggled on tamed individuals

Smok is immune to radiation, intimidation, and bleeding.

Smok only takes 80% damage overall, but also takes 70% damage from Titanosaurus and 50% damage from Giganotosaurus.

The Smok deals 2.5x damage towards dinosaurs.

The Smok gains a rivalry buff when near other large predators, raising its damage by 30% and resistance by 20%.

The Smok has an AoE buff known as "Usurper's Threat" where it increases the damage of the following animals by 30%. Be warned that this buff applies to these species regardless of allegiance. It affects allied, enemy, and wild animals:

The Smok gains a "Hyper Regeneration" buff when eating corpses, drastically increasing health regeneration and increasing damage by 5% for a short time.

Smok saurovindico always spawn at the higher end of the level cap that the server is set to, with Alpha Smok saurovindico having a chance to surpass the level cap.


  • Smok saurovindico is the mascot of Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.
  • The name "Smok saurovindico" originates from various sources. The genus name, Smok, is in referance to Smok Wawelski: the signature dragon of Polish mythology. "Saurovindico" means lizard crusading.
  • The Smok is one of the most complex creatures in Additional Creatures, having a ton of special abilities as well as custom animations from the mod developer.
  • The head smash attack of Smok was inspired by the one used by Deviljho from the Monster Hunter series.
  • As the synopsis described, nobody truly knows what Smok really is outside of it being a bipedal archosaur. Some have suggested rauisuchian, dinosaur, stem-dinosaur, or something in between, but nobody can come to a solid conclusion.
  • The full ingame name being "Smok saurovindico" is to properly distinguish it from "Smok": a dragon in another mod by the same developer.
  • Although it does not originate from the mod developer's stories like Amphicyon, Smok still has a large impact in them, always appearing as an unstoppable force that decimates everything in its path. The stories also give it Indominus-like traits, which illudes to its ambiguous nature.
  • Smok is intended by the mod developer to be "A creature that causes the same fear upon seeing it as wild giganotosaurus used to when they were first implemented", so do not treat this creature lightly. Be warned and wary if a wild smok is rampaging near your vicinity.
  • In the mod's canon, Smok saurovindico is related to Nigerien Firespitter and Lake Van Monster.