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Snallygaster Classical Depiction

Snallygaster Draconic Depiction

Snallygaster in Additional Creatures prior to removal

Snallygaster Render

Snallygaster is a fantasy creature confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Paranoia.

Snallygaster is a cryptic creature that first originated in the Maryland-DC area of the United States in the 1730's, after German immigrants reported to have been attacked by the creature. Outside of these initial claims, the Snallygaster's legitimacy has largely been in myths rather than cryptic, although the Snallygaster continues to be relevant through urban legends, pranks, and hoaxes. In terms of appearance, the Snallygaster was originally depicted as some eldritch chimeric animal, having features of birds, reptiles, and octopi all wrapped into one, as well as having a large singular eye. The creature is also claimed to like beer. There have also been depictions over time that lose the more cryptic features and have become more dragon or cockatrice-like.

Draconis meleagris, or the Snallygaster in Additional Creatures was one of Paranoia's premiere creatures, akin to the Wyvern and Managarmr. It lived primary in forested environments, where it hunted mostly on the ground. The Snallygaster had a variety of abilities aside from flight, including a venomous bite, fire breath, and a high pitched screech that would scare away creatures and drain torpor. It also had an alpha form. It was removed from Additional Creatures temporarily due to its TLC being close to completion. How it will affect its original vision is unknown. It is currently in the beta phase, and is confirmed to have a Grimoire form, which is similar to the Sacred Akhlut in its role.