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Stegotetrabelodon Reconstruction

Stegotetrabelodon Concept Art

Stegotetrabelodon is a mammal confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Stegotetrabelodon, meaning "Roofed Four-Tusked Tooth", is a species of elephant that lived in Africa during the Miocene Epoch, 10 million years ago. Stegotetrabelodon is distinct by having four gigantic tusks erupting from its mouth rather than the typical two seen in most elephants: having 2 tusks erupted from the top and bottom jaw each.

The Stegotetrabelodon in Additional Creatures is planned to be a slightly smaller and mobile take on the elephant class, in contrast to the gathering mammoth. It will be more common on Scorched Earth than on the island. The stegotetrabelodon is also planned to live in herds, having the same pack buff that many other social animals have.