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Thalassodromeus is a reptile in Additional Creatures.


Thalassodromeus is one of the island's most agile flying predators. Strangely enough, Thalassodromeus seems to be a creature that adores or revels in flying. It is always seen flying high around the ocean, using air currents to soar quickly and unobstructed. The pterosaur seems at complete content and ease as it dives and weaves through the air, either after prey or simply soaring: a creature with adaptations for flying unlike any other. Simply soaring rejuvenates its body, allowing to rest and recover from wounds by flying nimbly through the air. Thalassodromeus is sought after for many reasons: agility in the sky, comparable strength, and the ability to recover simply by enjoying its gift of flight. All of these combined make Thalassodromeus a versatile and agile flying mount, and a contemperary to apex fliers like Griffin, harpagornis, and wyverns.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Face, Throat, Wings


Color Region 1 - Crest Pattern


Color Region 2 - Main Body


Color Region 3 - Shading, Hands


Color Region 4 - Outer Crest


Color Region 5 - Inner Crest


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 364
Stamina 700
Oxygen 150
Food 1380
Weight 420
Melee Damage 185%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 500

Left Click - Bite

25 Base Damage

Right Click - Roar

Spacebar - Flight

Thalassodromeus is capable of diving flight.

Thalassodromeus, so long as it is diving, activates a "Blessing of Flight" buff, which increases its health regeneration and stamina regeneration.

Thalassodromeus does not use stamina when flying, outside of sprinting. It can also regenerate stamina mid-air in a similar manner.

Thalassodromeus is capable of moving and resting along the surface of the water.


  • Thalassodromeus means "Sea Runner".
  • Thalassodromeus is a thalassodromid, which are a family of pterosaurs related to azdarchids and tapejarids. It has characteristics akin to both groups, baring large crests while also being ground-based predators, contrary to its name. The only other thalassodromid known, outside of Thalassodromeus, is Tupuxuara.
  • Thalassodromeus has been of interest for addition for a few years, since early on in development of the series.
  • Thalassodromeus was planned to have a closely-related species in the now-scrapped Influenced Expansion, which would have been a cross-over expansion between Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK and Pyria: Mythos Evolved: another mod made by the same developer. It was called Airblade Thalassodromeus, and not much was known about it outside of the name. The main distinction noted was that it was capable of using the Air Element.