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The Thorned Dreadweaver is a fictional species of invertebrate in Additional Creatures.

Thorned Dreadweaver in the Original Additional Creatures mod prior to its TLC.


An extremely rare arachnid-like arthropod found in open environments. The Dreadweaver, despite its armored carapace, is a fragile apex predator. When its prey is in its sights, there's little it can do once a dreadweaver gives chase. Arguably the fastest predator on the island, even the agile Gallimimus can't do much to escape it. The problem with this armored hyperspeed "spider" is that it cannot turn easily. When running, it has the largest turning radius of any mobile creature on the ark network. However, this clever arthropod has learned a trick for that. By sinking its legs and claws into the earth, the Dreadweaver can drift at a massive cost of its endurance to sling itself around tight corners at high speeds. While extremely difficult to knock out, Dreadweaver is highly sought after for advanced survivors as an excellent traveling mount as well as hit-and-run support fighter. Using its bleeding abilities and its numbing bite, Dreadweaver can provide agile support for allies while also buffing them using its own deadly jaws.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Main Body


Color Region 1 - Head


Color Region 2 - Pattern


Color Region 3 - Chelicera and Spines


Color Region 4 - Back of Head


Color Region 5 - Underside


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 400
Stamina 300
Oxygen 150
Food 1380
Weight 400
Melee Damage 162%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 2400

Left Click - Bite

50 Base Damage - Inflicts Numb - This attack hits both allies and enemies.

Right Click - Claw Slash

25 Base Damage - Inflicts Bleed - Ignores Armor - Shreds Armor

C - Claw Spin Attack

40 Base Damage - Hits Twice - Inflicts Bleed - Ignores Armor - Shreds Armor - Cannot Be Used While Moving

C (Sprinting) - Drive-By Claw Slash

40 Base Damage - Inflicts Bleed - Ignores Armor - Shreds Armor - Toggleable Attack that Hits on Contact

X - Shriek

Cannot Be Used While Moving

Alt + X - Emote

Cannot Be Used While Moving

Left Control (Sprinting) - Drift

This move allows for swifter turns at the cost of faster stamina consumption.

Spacebar - Jump

The Thorned Dreadweaver is heavily armored, only taking 50% of incoming damage.

The Thorned Dreadweaver takes 2.5x damage from fire and explosives.

The Thorned Dreadweaver is immune to bleed, venom, sandstorms, and gigatitan spores.


  • The Thorned Dreadweaver in Additional Creatures was original part of the original mod, as a larger red spider that, instead of using web and torpor, used speed and bleed-inducing attacks. It lived in the snow, dunes, and caves. It was initially scrapped after the majority of the roster was scrapped or slated for TLCs, but it was brought up conceptually as a solifuge rather than as a typical spider to fit its original role better.
  • The Thorned Dreadweaver, along with its typical biomes, will also spawn in the cold grasslands on The Center, possibly being a reference to it originally living in snowy habitats.
  • Solifuges are also called camel spiders, despite the fact that they are not spiders. While they are arachnids like spiders, they are their own distinct group that is different from spiders and scorpions. They're found mostly in desert habitats on all continents except Australia and Antarctica.
  • The Thorned Dreadweaver was originally planned to inflict corrosive acid upon its TLC, but this seemed to have been replaced with the numb status effect.
  • The Thorned Dreadweaver's numbing bite is a reference to the urban legend that states that solifuges have a numbing agent in their bite, so they can feed on prey while its alive undetected. In reality, like many aspects associated with solifuges, this is incorrect. Solifuges do not have such an agent, nor are they venomous.