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The Tiger Shark is a fish in Additional Creatures.


Known as a swimming garbage can with a bad attitude, Tiger Sharks can be a bit surprising to spot in the Ark's oceans. They tend to patrol the shallower waters found around reefs and coasts; picking off prey such as pelagornis, ichthyornis, small fish, and any unfortunate land creatures that step into their path- survivors included! Already one of the largest sharks back home, Tiger Sharks have bulked up even more here on the arks, almost outclassing Great White Sharks. While bulkier and generally having more health, they're weaker, slower, and don't have the same endurance or combat affinity. However, this gluttonous shark is sought by tribes based on how it fights. This shark's armor-penetrating jaws do cause significant bleeding, but in he manner it attacks, this type of savagery has a worse effect. As the target bleeds, they continuously drain stamina, becoming exhausted long after the encounter with the predator. The ability to deal damage to both target health and stamina over time makes the Tiger Shark a worthwhile tame, should somebody find the courage to offer them seconds after a recent meal in order to befriend them!

Color Regions


Tiger Sharks lack color regions, so they all look like the individual above.

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 650
Stamina 300
Food 1150
Weight 600
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 700

Left Click - Bite

40 Base Damage - Inflicts Bleed - Inflicts Stamina Drain - Pierces Armor

Right Click - Taunt

X - Electroreception

Infrared Vision

The Tiger Shark has a "hunger" mechanic, where once it has feasted on a corpse it will become neutral towards players and creatures. This pacified state is indicated by a green aura around its head, which is when it is susceptible to passive taming.

The Tiger Shark receives a healing buff from consuming corpses.

Tiger Sharks are immune to electrocution.


  • Tiger Sharks are known to be one of the most dangerous sharks to people, potentially being more lethal in an assault than a Great White Shark. This is due to the tiger shark's preference for warm shallow habitats, and being a very indiscriminate feeder.
  • Tiger Sharks are often known as "The Trash Cans of the Sea" due to basically eating anything, whether alive, dead, or inanimate objects like trash. Despite this fact, Tiger Sharks in Additional Creatures aren't ideal scavengers like Great White Sharks are.
  • The Tiger Shark was originally planned to be in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK, rather than Additional Creatures: Aquaria.
  • The Tiger Shark is one of three bearers of the "hunger" mechanic, alongside the Metriacanthosaurus and Brachauchenius, and the only one to have the mechanic in Additional Creatures: Aquaria.
  • Tiger Sharks get their name due to the tiger-like stripes on the side of their bodies. These are prominent when young but fade out with age.