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Tikrodualos Concept Art

Tikrodualos are boss creatures confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt.

Tikrodualos are creatures of pure ferocity and fear: The Grand Chimera Beast. They are fanged beasts that don't quite have a set habitat, and instead are nomadic and roam the land, seeking their only prey: humans. Tikrodualos are solitary, reclusive, and extremely violent; known to stalk prey for very long periods of time before striking. They are known to have fire capabilities, although in what way is currently unknown.

Tikrodualos is a boss in Additional Creatures that acts as an "invader" monster for Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt: a monster that suddenly appears and typically topples whatever ecosystem it lives in, and takes players by surprise. In essence, Tikeodualos does not spawn naturally. Instead, it will have a chance to suddenly appear once the player is level 85 or higher. There are certain conditions that reduce its chance of appearing:

  • The player is near aquatic or flying tames.
  • The player is riding large tames, like tyrannosaurus.

There are also certain conditions that prevent Tikrodualos from appearing entirely:

  • The player is near structures greater than thatch.
  • The player is swimming or flying.
  • The player is riding exceptionally powerful tames, like giganotosaurus.
  • The player is riding a creature with a platform saddle.

Upon a Tikrodualos spawning, a loud roar will be heard and the words "RUN!!!" will appear. At this point, a Tikrodualos will come into render distance and attempt to run down and kill the player it is after, or any other player it encounters along the way. It is only hostile to players, not attacking other creatures or tames unless it is defending itself. At this point, several things can be done. The Tikrodualos does not need to be fought, and instead can be ran from. Running a certain distance away from it, going to a place it can't reach like the sky, water, a high place, or a hole, or retreating into your base (above thatch) are all things that can be done to make it give up and retreat. However, it can also be fought and killed. While confirmed to be an extremely difficult fight, killing the Tikrodualos will make the player immune to further invasions for a time, and drop the chances of being invaded again. The chances of an invasion lower with every tikrodualos killed. The invasion also ends if the player is killed by the tikrodualos.

Invasions will be capable of being enabled/disabled in the server settings.

There are some attacks known that the Tikrodualos will do. One of them is an attack that will knock flyers out of the sky, while another is a very long and telling parry attack, that will cause it to counter-attack if hit from non-ranged attacks. Normally, this counter will rip the player off its mount and instantly kill them. However, if the mount is small enough, and under 20% health, the mount will be instantly killed instead of the player.

Also, while there will be mechanics in place to largely prevent two tikrodualos from appearing at once with groups of players, tikrodualos will fight each other when they meet, allowing extra time to escape or opportunities to attack.

Tikrodualos's design is based primarily on man-eating tigers, with the crests on its head being reminiscent of eye masks villagers will wear to discourage tiger attacks. The name Tikrodualos is a combination of the worlds "tiger" (ti-), "cruel" (-kro-), and "duel" (-dualos), with it's name meant to represent the monster's role in the mod, as a duel between a hunter of monsters and a hunter of hunters. Its design was also slightly inspired from the Orugaron from Monster Hunter Frontier.

It is unknown and currently contested whether or not Tikrodualos is tameable. It is unknown at this time.

At the moment, Tikrodualos is purely in the concept phase, as indicative of it's concept art.