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Torvosaurus are dinosaurs in Additional Creatures.

Torvosaurus in the JPE Rebalance Expansion


Torvosaurus venenatus is a large theropod, slightly larger than the ark's allosaurus and related to the much smaller Megalosaurus. While not the most bulky or powerful theropod for its size, Torvosaurus is just as feared as many others that are larger than it. Torvosaurus is a deadly creature capable of inflicting Venom with its toxic fangs, and is currently the largest known creature on the arks with this ability. Its jaws are strong, but the potent toxin is capable of inflicting even more drastically dangerous damage over time if it manages to get enough bites. Though some of this catastrophic damage can be negated by the target's defenses, it allows this powerful creature to get in damage that other creatures could not, seeping through even the toughest of a prey item's armor. For those who dont mind sacrificing some bulk, Torvosaurus proves a viable asset to any tribe's arsenal.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Main Body


Color Region 4 - Dorsal, Underlying Pattern, Osteoderms


Color Region 5 - Underside


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 890
Stamina 400
Oxygen 150
Food 3000
Weight 500
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 1450

Left Click - Bite

50 Base Damage - Inflicts High-Tier Venom

Right Click - Roar

Torvosaurus is immune to venom.

Torvosaurus can turn in place.


  • Torvosaurus means "Savage Lizard", with venenatus meaning "venomous".
  • Torvosaurus is the main venomous combat tame of Additional Creatures.
  • Torvosaurus was the last and largest of the megalosaurs. This group is related to spinosaurs and other relatives, other megalosaurs include Megalosaurus.
  • Torvosaurus, at 11 meters long and 5 tons, is the largest terrestrial carnivore to have ever existed on the planet so far.
  • Torvosaurus was originally introduced in the JPE Rebalance Expansion of Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK, as Torvosaurus liberalis, meaning "Forgiven Savage Lizard". This name was due to its role, which included as a pack leader to Allosaurus. When the JPE Rebalance expansion was shut down, Torvosaurus was to be re-added with a new model and purpose. It was originally planned to be able to shut down the special abilities of other creatures, like Acrocanthosaurus's adrenaline, but this was decided against and it became the premiere high-tier venom carnivore instead.
  • Torvosaurus are sexually dimorphic, with males having brighter colors than females.