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Tylosaurus are reptiles in Additional Creatures.


A somewhat smaller cousin of the deep-water-dwelling Mosasaurus; Tylosaurus is a ferocious predator who stalks all manner of water depth, from the coasts to the benthic deep. Like a massive nurse shark, Tylosaurus can be seen lethargically and lazily resting and traversing along the seafloor. However, this is a ruse for the patient predator. It will do this while remaining as still as possible or slowly closing the distance onto a target before suddenly bursting up towards them at rapid speed, striking while the target is still in shock. Once the prey is consumed, it will once again return to the seafloor to continue its lazy life. As strange as it sounds, Tylosaurus is best equivalated to an "Underwater flier". Unlike practically all other marine life, it cannot maintain itself in the water column indefinately and must eventually land on the seafloor to rest. Those that can tolerate this about Tylosaurus will note however that the predator can largely take care of itself. Tylosaurus when resting on the seafloor heightens its metabolic rate to heal wounds, allowing itself to recover from damage rapidly when resting. The downside however is this causes its muscles to relax, massively decreasing output damage. Tamed, Tylosaurus makes for a unique mount and an interesting experience of a tame. Powerful, and able to recover from wounds in the long haul.

Color Regions

Color Region 1 - Spots


Color Region 2 - Underside


Color Region 3 - Main Body


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 2000
Stamina 450
Food 9200
Weight 1000
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 5200

Left Click - Bite

76 Base Damage

Right Click - Roar

X - "Land"

Be warned that "landing" while in the water column acts akin to freefall. The tylosaurus will take fall damage if the height is substantial enough to warrant it.

Spacebar - Swim

Tylosaurus has different attributes depending on whether it is swimming or crawling on the sea floor. When crawling, the tylosaurus gains a 135 hp/sec health regeneration boost, at the cost of only being able to deal 20% damage. While swimming, the tylosaurus is unrestricted in terms of damage, but cannot regenerate stamina until it rests again.


  • Tylosaurus means "Knobbed Lizard" due to the knobbed nose, which made it distinct from other mosasaurs. It's speculated that this skull structure was an adaptation for ramming prey.
  • Tylosaurus, at 12 meters long and 6 tons, is one of the largest mosasaurs known. It is only beaten by Mosasaurus in sheer size.
  • Tylosaurus's implementation as a "aquatic flyer" has been a unique concept for Additional Creatures for some time, and is planned to also be executed with other creatures.