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Vir'ava Concept Art

The Vir'ava is a boss creature confirmed to appear in the Popular Culture Expansion.

The Vir'ava is a creature that takes inspiration from the Leshen of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A boss of Popular Culture, it will not be found normally in the wild. Instead, totems can be found around the world, and the Vir'ava will appear if these totems are attacked. It will apparently not be extremely large for a boss, only around the height of an allosaurus, but it will be disproportionately powerful. It will be by default quite slow, however it will be able to enter a "smoke state" where it is invincible and very fast, but it cannot attack. The attacks were described in detail as well....

  • Standard melee attacks which are slow, but will inflict bleed.
  • Root Snare Attack
  • Summons Microraptor and Ravager Minions (which are buffed and healed by the Vir'ava)
  • A "Microraptor Wave" Attack

When defeated, the Vir'ava will drop a broken totem, which will be a vital ingredient to creating one's own tamed Vir'ava, albeit it will be much weaker than the wild counterpart.