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Walrus are mammals in Additional Creatures.

Walrus Model prior to its TLC


Wild -

A familiar face to many, the Walrus makes its home on the cold coastal waters of the island’s northern region. There’s little difference between the species back home and Odobenus gigas, aside from….well, size. It’s the largest pinniped I’ve ever seen!

Odobenus gigas is your typical walrus in all regards, aside from size. It’s fairly lethargic, humorous, lazy, and a bit temperamental at times. They prefer to scorer the coastal waters of the north, as opposed to Walrus back home, which go out into very deep waters to forage. I assume this is due to the plethora of deep-water predators which will actively hunt these large, blubbery mammals.

Domesticated - Despite their large size, Walrus are extremely agile underwater, and many survivors value them for their utility. Not only are their rubbery hides keeping riders warm, but it also helps resist shocks. The Walrus’s large tusks are both a formidable weapon and a valuable tool for harvesting pearls from the clams around the island. Coupled with its surprising speed, a Walrus is one of the best water harvesters on the island; able to harvest pearls, defend itself, or escape from enemies quickly….so long as it can surface for oxygen.

That, and many people also enjoy them for their humorous company. I can say that although they are quite lazy and humorous creatures, they are a very welcome and friendly creature to be around.

Color Regions

Color Region 1 - Face, Tusk Undertone

346110 screenshots 20191209151508 1 (1).jpg

Color Region 2 - Main Body

346110 screenshots 20191209151515 1.jpg

Color Region 3 - Undertone

346110 screenshots 20191209151522 1.jpg

Color Region 4 - Whiskers, Tusks

346110 screenshots 20191209151530 1.jpg

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 600
Stamina 500
Oxygen 1000
Food 1380
Weight 620
Melee Damage 162%
Movement Speed 130%
Torpidity 1400

Left Click - Tusk Jab

42 Base Damage - Gathers Pearls

Right Click (Land) - Heavy Tusk Jab

50 Base Damage - Inflicts Bleed - Pierces Armor - Can only be used on the males - Cannot Be Used While Moving

Right Click (Water); C - Roar

R - Sit

Automatically dismounts. The Walrus can also generally be told to sit. This slightly increases healing rate.

Walrus gives a thermoregulation buff to the rider.

Walrus may technically be terrestrial, but they are MUCH more adept in the water than they are on land.


  • The Walrus's ability to gather pearls is a reference to the real life animal, who mainly feeds on oysters and other shellfish on the sea floor rather than fish.
  • The Walrus has actually become sort of a running popular joke among Additional Creatures players because of its derpy nature.
  • The evolutionary history of the Walrus is pretty interesting, as in the Cenozoic walruses used to be a diverse group alongside Seals and Sea Lions. Today, however, the Walrus is the last of its kind.
  • The Walrus used to be in the original Additional Creatures mod, but have since been moved to Additional Creatures: Aquaria. The Walrus also received a TLC later on where it got a new model, became larger, and got new abilities.
  • The Walrus in Additional Creatures, akin to actual walruses are sexually dimorphic. The males have larger tusks than the females.