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Xuanhanosaurus Reconstruction


Xuanhanosaurus is a dinosaur confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Xuanhanosaurus, meaning "Xuanhan Lizard" after Xuanhan County, China where it was discovered, is a medium-sized theropod that lived during the Early Jurassic, 165 million years ago. Xuanhanosaurus is a metricanthosaur, which were a group of carnosaurs that were known for having distinctive vertebrae. Metricanthosaurus was also a metriacanthosaur. Xuanhanosaurus is largely typical for a group, being about as tall as a man. An interesting story about it's discovery is that it was initially believed to be quadropedal by Dong Zhiming, it's discoverer, due to the interesting structure of its finger bones. This has been largely discredited.

Xuanhanosaurus's design has been revealed, but it's unknown how it will be in Additional Creatures outside of its appearance.