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The Ya-Te-Veo is a cryptid boss creature in Additional Creatures.


Ya-Te-Veo is a cryptid plant- more commonly known as the man-eating-tree or carnivorous tree. It is a mass of vines which ensnares all that approach, flaying and constricting its victims into a bloody mess until it is nothing but a bloody smear at its roots. A carnivorous plant, it uses its roots to drink the blood and the decaying carcass of its victims to fertilize the ground around it and help it grow. Though rather morbid and violent, it is an extremely effective process- allowing Ya-Te-Veo to grow to enormous sizes. Though it might be possible to obtain a Ya-Te-Veo for one's self, that would require taking down an adult plant for its seed. Ya-Te-Veo is not a creature: it's a plant. It doesnt think- it has sheer instinctive reflex. As such, its fighting style is far more vicious and brutal than any animal. It simply sends hordes of massive thorned vines flying at its target to beat them to a bloody pulp.

These vines just keep coming, never stopping, until the prey or plant is finally dead. If one could obtain a seed and figure out how to cultivate and care for a plant, they would have a form of natural protection that would be extremely difficult to match. Furthermore, with the ground so rich with nutrients around a Ya-Te-Veo, it could help grow various resources as well. That is...if you could tame one...

Color Regions

346110 screenshots 20190209232341 1.jpg

Ya-Te-Veo has no color regions, so they all look like the individual above.

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat (Wild) Base Stat

(Wild Vine)

Base Stat (Cultivated) Base Stat (Cultivated Vine)
Health 50300 2450 15000 1150
Stamina 420 420 420 420
Oxygen 150 150 150 150
Food 3000 3000 3000 3000
Weight 500 465 6000 465
Melee Damage 175% 175% 175% 175%
Movement Speed 100% 100% 100% 100%
Torpidity 1000 1000 1000 1000

Attacks -

Vine Slam - 230 Base Damage (Wild) - 100 Base Damage (Cultivated) - Shreds/Ignores Armor - Inflicts Bleed

Thorn Shot - 230 Base Physical Damage (Wild) - 100 Base Physical Damage (Cultivated) - 35 Base Thorn Damage (Wild) - 60 Base Thorn Damage (Cultivated) - Hits Multiple Times - Inflicts Bleed

Ya-Te-Veo always spawn at a fixed level, which is nearly 3x the level cap for that server's settings.

The main plant of Ya-Te-Veo does not attack. Rather, it sends out vines which will attack whatever angers the plant. The vines only last for 60 seconds before returning to the main plant.

Ya-Te-Veo vines have a gang boost ability. 2 vines will recieve a +1 bonus, which will go up to +12 in a group of 13 or more vines. The bonus will increase the strength of said vines in the cluster, and it will continue to increase the higher the number of them goes, until it caps at +12.

Ya-Te-Veo are immune to all status effects except fire.

Ya-Te-Veo are extremely armored, but take 3x damage from fire and explosions.

Ya-Te-Veo, once planted, is impossible to move (with the exception of using a cryopod).

Upon death, a wild Ya-Te-Veo drops a Ya-Te-Veo Seed, which only lasts for 10 seconds after death on the ground. Use this to grow a cultivated Ya-Te-Veo.

Ya-Te-Veo only eat blood pulp.

Ya-Te-Veo produce the following items in its inventory. These said items also weight nothing and last 20x longer in the inventory:

  • Rare Mushrooms
  • Rare Flowers
  • Fungal Wood
  • Plant Species X Seeds
  • Plant Species Y Seeds
  • Plant Species Z Seeds
  • Plant Species Z Fruit
  • Aggeravic Mushrooms
  • Aquatic Mushrooms
  • Ascerbic Mushrooms
  • Auric Mushrooms

The following items also weigh nothing in the inventory of a Ya-Te-Veo:


  • The Ya-Te-Veo is the only boss and non-animal in Additional Creatures.
  • A plant cryptid of South America and Madagascar, the Ya-Te-Veo gets its name from shrieking "Ya-Te-Veo", meaning "I see you!" in Spanish, before killing people.