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Ya-Te-Veo Depiction

Old Ya-Te-Veo in-game

Ya-Te-Veo is a boss confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Paranoia.

Ya-Te-Veo is a supposed cryptid described in stories of far-off-lands in the late 1800's. In these works, the Ya-Te-Veo was described as a carnivorous plant that largely consisted of thorny spines. When detecting a victim, it is reported to let out a shriek that states "Ya-Te-Veo", which means "I see you!" before grappling its prey in vines. Once neutralized, the victim's blood is then seeped into the plant through the spines.

Ya-Te-Veo was the second boss ever added to Additional Creatures (the first being Shadowlord Deinonychus), and for a while was the only boss. Spawning in redwoods, this plant was a formidable threat that was fought in a unique way. The plant itself was stationary, and did not attack. Instead, it would send out vines from the ground to attack threats. These vines could slam against the ground for high damage, and could shoot their spines. They were heavily resistant to damage and immune to all statuses, but were heavily weak to fire. Upon death, the Ya-Te-Veo would drop a seed, allowing the player to have their own tamed, weaker version. Acting as the ultimate static defense (could not move upon being planted, save for cryopods), it also was able to grow aberration mushrooms, fungal wood, and plant species seeds in its inventory. It also ate only a specific food, called blood pulp, which was crafted in its inventory from raw meat. The Ya-Te-Veo remained in the Paranoia mod for several years, only to be removed suddenly due to a bug relating to it that corrupted player saves. It is unknown when it will return.