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Yeti are cryptid mammals in Additional Creatures.

Yeti prior to remodel.


Although what survivors have encountered in snowy caves they have dubbed “Yeti”, it might be more accurate to call those strange aberrations “Yetipithecus”. Some survivors have reported something larger- and more aggressive- in the snowy regions outside those caverns. Whatever this creature is, it is no simple cave-dwelling counterpart to the island's Gigantopithecus. It is a large, powerful creature bearing similarities to the true Yeti creature. A solitary animal, survivors claim it to be an omnivorous creature with a vile temper, wildly flinging rocks and debris at their aggressor from a distance, and then pummeling them into submission when in close combat. Although it may not be as friendly as the island's Gigantopithecus, one can wonder what the benefits of such a physically strong primate may be.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Face, Torso, Hands, Feet

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Color Region 4 - Pattern

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Color Region 5 - Head, Legs, Highlights

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Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 820
Stamina 400
Oxygen 150
Food 1380
Weight 820
Melee Damage 150%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 1400

Left Click - Punch

40 Base Damage - Harvests Berries and Wood

Right Click - Arm Slam

50 Base Damage - Harvest Wood and Stone

C - Rock Throw

300 Base Damage - Cannot be used while moving

X - Snarl

Cannot be used while moving

Spacebar - Jump

The inventory of a yeti decreases the weight of certain materials by 75%.

The Yeti gains an "anger" buff when near large creatures, gaining 15% attack and defense.

The Yeti provides insultation to its rider.


  • The Yeti can wear hats.
  • The Yeti is probably the most famous cryptid after the Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster.
  • The Yeti has a bug where its anger buff will no longer activate upon logging out of singleplayer or a server restart. This, however, can be easily fixed by just snarling when riding the Yeti.
  • The Yeti's signature howling calls likely originated from the mating calls of Snow Leopards.
  • The Yeti originally shared the same model as the Gigantopithecus in regular ARK, but it now shares the model of the Yeti from ATLAS.
  • The majority of Yeti sightings describe the animal as brown or black, not white. The conception of the Yeti baring white fur is most likely a creative liberty interpreted by modern Western depictions of the creature.