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Zhuchengtyrannus Reconstruction

Zhuchengtyrannus Model

Zhuchengtyrannus is a dinosaur confirmed to appear in the Bonus Content Expansion.

Zhuchengtyrannus, meaning "Zhucheng Tyrant" after the locality it was found it, lived in China during the Late Cretaceous, 75 million years ago. Zhuchengtyrannus, at 10 meters long and 4 tons, was one of the largest tyrannosaurs, only surpassed by Tarbosaurus and Tyrannosaurus in size. Known from only a partial jawbone, the majority of the dinosaur remains a mystery. It was the top predator of its environment, coexisting with other notable dinosaurs like Shantungosaurus.

Zhuchengtyrannus in Additional Creatures will be a large predator, similar in size to tyrannosaurus. While currently unclear as to the exact direction that will be taken, it is known that Zhuchengtyrannus will be a glutton, whose abilities revolve around food consumption. It will gain a powerful buff from consuming a large amount of meat at once, and it will be able to use meat in its inventory as ammunition, firing undigested food at enemies. What effect this vomit attack will have is unclear. It will also have sexual dimorphism, with the males and females having different patterns.