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Zionzerak Teaser Image

Zionzerak is a fantasy creature confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt.

Zionzerak and Zionzora are a pair of elder dragons (originally classified as monarch dragons) that stand on their two feet, and are known for their abnormally long claws. They are also confirmed to be less powerful than Armaedron. Known as the "Valhalla Lightning Dragon", as well as the male counterpart to Zionzora, Zionzerak is primarily at home in the air, where it can smite those below with thunder from its claws. It will also be able to use its wings to shield itself from attacks, and counterattack. The thunder from claws ability is a reference to Zeus.

It is unknown when Zionzerak will appear in Additional Creatures, all that is known is the following teaser image. It was the third monster to be teased this way.